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Pros Towing Service Addison

24 Hour Towing


If you’re going a vehicle owner who spends a lot of time out on the road – or even if you’re only somebody who drives a little bit in your local area – then it’s a good idea to make sure you have consistent access to a towing and recovery service that can help you with your vehicle when you’re in a sticky situation. Breaking down, getting a flat tire (or battery), or getting stuck in mud or a ditch – these are all situations where you’re going to need the assistance of a professional auto towing and roadside service to get back on track. Without this kind of expertise available to you, you’re much more likely to suffer more serious consequences from your bad luck. Of course, to make sure that you’re getting the optimal service experience, it’s wise to use a reputable and dependable tow truck service – and that’s where we come into the fold.

About Us

At Pros Towing Service Addison, we’ve set ourselves apart as the premier towing company in the Addison, Texas area – and we couldn’t be any prouder of the outcomes that we’ve achieved of our customers over the time we’ve been working. Our chief concern is to ensure every single customer we serve is thrilled with the service they receive – whether we’re helping with jumpstarts, wrecker service, or low garage towing. We make this possible through our dedicated services that put the customer experience firmly at the center of the operation – though our affordable pricing structures certainly make a difference too. We have the most reliable and experienced auto towing service providers in the region, and that means that you’ll never have any reason to worry or doubt our effectiveness.

Couple near tow-truck picking up broken car

Our Services

We’ve assembled a broad array of auto wrecker and towing service provisions to make sure that we can comprehensively cover the needs of our customers throughout the Addison area – and this approach has always paid dividends throughout our years in this business. We’re available to help with car towing, motorcycle towing, RV towing, box truck towing, and even 18 wheeler towing. As you surely already realize, we provide a 24 hour towing service, which means there’s no time, day or night, where we won’t be able to get to you. We have the specialist vehicles and machinery needed to look after even the most challenging vehicles, all you need to do is reach out to our team.

Broken down car on flatbed tow truck being transported to garage workshop for repair

24 Hour Towing Service

Our round-the-clock towing service is the go-to option for anybody that’s in a difficult situation out in the middle of nowhere. If your vehicle is stranded and you can’t do anything to resolve the situation on your own, our emergency towing service can get to you without any undue delays or mishaps. We’ll get your vehicle to a safe location of your choosing, where further repairs can take place.

mechanic checking the car engine

Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance service is essential for any number of situations, and your best tool to help with unexpected difficulty when out on the road. We offer assistance with lockouts, jumpstarts, fuel delivery, and even mechanical repairs. Don’t let these issues hamper you for too long – get our roadside experts at your site and get back on the road without any further delay.

help on road transports wrecker broken car

Full Wrecker Service

Our wrecker service is the most reliable around – and more than capable of covering any service requests you might have for us. We can remove and transport any vehicle that you have in mind, whether you’ve been involved in an accident or not. We work throughout the Addison area, but we’re also willing to head further afield in specific circumstances as well.

a car transport truck

Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

If you have a heavy duty vehicle stranded and unable to move, you’re going to need the assistance of a specialist service that is designed to deal with these awkward customers – enter our rotator service. We’re well-versed in handling these cumbersome vehicles without any strain or difficulty – and we’ll make sure that your valuable vehicle won’t come to any harm in our care. You just need to get in touch with us to get the process started.

man towing a car

Winch Outs & Rollback Service

Our winch outs service is what you need to get your vehicle out of a ditch or deep mud – and there’s really no equivalent methodology that is anywhere as efficient or effective. Our rollback service is what you need for heavily damaged vehicles or vehicles that no longer have any wheels – the flatbed makes their transportation straightforward for our team.

Tow truck towing a broken down car with focus on car being towed.

Tow Truck Service

We’re ready to offer our tow truck service to anybody across the Addison area who is in need. We have the highest grade professional towing and wrecker vehicles around – and the most accomplished industry veterans to operate them. Considering our value-packed pricing and service experience, we’re clearly your best bet.

“Pros Towing Service Addison is the team I go to for any roadside assistance I need. Unfortunately I have a bit of experience with barely-alive cars, so I can attest to the quality of this team. Very quick to get to me, and always friendly while they’re there.” – Patti S.

“I’ve been going to Pros Towing Service Addison for all of my towing needs for years now and, needless to say, they never let me down. Professional people who clearly know their stuff, I feel 100% comfortable entrusting them with any of my vehicles.” – Jackson T.

“If anybody needs a wrecker service, these are your go-to guys. Super reliable and really very fairly priced, I can’t imagine going to any other team having used them a few times now. Keep up the incredible work dudes!” – Trey M.

Call Us Today

If you’re searching for the premier towing service in Addison, Texas, you’ve found it. Speak to our customer service team today to learn more about what we do, the cost of our services, and more. You’ll find them at our business telephone number during the workday, or through our online contact form evenings and weekends – with both contact points found on our website. Get in touch with them today to ensure that you’re covered moving forward.