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Full Wrecker Service

At Pros Towing Service Addison, we’re committed to providing a comprehensive range of auto towing and wrecker service provisions for our customers throughout the Addison, Texas region – and that means offering a full wrecker service is an absolute must for our team. This wrecker service is certain to help you with any difficult circumstances you’re grappling with – and you can rest assured that you’re gaining access to a deeply experienced team who is determined to do right by every customer they serve. Our wrecker service has been in operation for many years now, which means we really know what we’re doing. You can learn more about what our wrecker service does, why it’s so important, and why we’re the team to use by reading on below. If you still have any lingering doubts or questions about our operation, you can always reach out to our customer service representatives over the phone or online.

Accident and Recovery

One of the essential uses of our wrecker service is when you’ve had the unfortunate luck of experiencing an accident in your vehicle. If your vehicle is not roadworthy, or won’t even move an inch, our wrecker service is what you need. We can help with overturned vehicles, with vehicles that have ended up in ditches, and with anything else you’re struggling to handle. Only a wrecker service is capable of providing the assistance you need in these situations, any other remedies simply aren’t up to the challenge.

Pick-up Service

Have a mechanically deteriorated vehicle at your property that you want rid of? It’s an annoyance to say the least. If you find yourself in that situation, where the vehicle simply won’t run and is quite beyond help, you only have one option available to you – an auto wrecker service. We’ll come out to your site, quickly and efficiently load up the vehicle onto our wrecker and take it away for processing. We’ll make sure to salvage any usable or valuable components before disposing of the remains of your vehicle in a legally compliant fashion. As always, every part of our operation is above board and in line with relevant regulations.

Geographical Coverage

If you’re not sure whether or not our wrecker service is going to be available for your use at your current location, there’s no reason to worry. Although we’re based in the Addison, Texas area, we are willing to go further afield in specific circumstances. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers, on our faithful service to our community, and if we need to go the extra mile to provide the service that you need, we’ll always try to do exactly that.

Professional-grade Vehicles

One of the main advantages of relying on our wrecker service is that you’ll be given access to a team that only uses the most reliable and highest quality wreckers around. Since we’re using only the highest standard vehicles – and we have the most knowledgeable and experienced operators around – there’s no chance of any further harm coming to your possessions.

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