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Winch Outs & Rollback Service

There are specific situations where it a regular tow truck simply isn’t going to cut it – you need more specialized help to get your situation resolved. Two services that we provide that could be just what you need are winch outs and rollback service. As with all of the other services that we offer at Pros Towing Service Addison, we’re highly experienced at carrying out these procedures, so the condition of your vehicle is going to be protected at all times. Below, you can learn more about exactly what winch outs and rollback service are, when they’re best used, and why they’re critically important – not to mention the reasons that you ought to be considering our services more specifically. If you’d like to hear more about what we’re offering, or you need urgent assistance from our winch outs and rollback service crew, you need to reach out to our customer service representatives as quickly as possible.

Winch Outs Service

Winches are the mechanical devices that use heavy duty wire or cable, a large hook, and a robust drum to wind in an object. As you can probably guess, a winch out service involves the removal of a vehicle from a precarious position, a position which it can not extricate itself from on its own. Our winch out service has been used to get vehicles free from ditches, deep mud and snow, and many other unfortunate predicaments. Make no mistake, there are certain situations where you have no choice but to rely on a winch out service.

Speed and Efficiency

If you’re stuck in a ditch or marooned in deep mud, it’s a frustrating experience. The likelihood is that you’ll already have spent some time trying to get your vehicle back on the road – without any success. With this being the case, it’s quite understandable that you’d want the winch out service you’re dealing with to get your vehicle up and running again without any significant delays. We try to do exactly that. Our operators are speedy and efficient in how they work, so you won’t be stuck for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Rollback Service

Sometimes referred to as flatbed service, rollback service is where a vehicle is transported on a flat bed which can be hydraulically adjusted to ground level – to make the loading of a vehicle that much easier. Most often used for vehicles that have suffered considerable damage in an accident, rollback service is an increasingly popular option for towing companies. Since the flatbed can be lowered to the ground, the likelihood of any further damage to your vehicle is insignificant to say the least.

Specialty Utility

The truth of the matter is that, for specific situations, a rollback service is going to be your only option. A conventional tow truck isn’t capable of towing a vehicle that doesn’t have wheels, for example. By using our rollback service, you’re getting the utility you need in a straightforward and hassle-free fashion.

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